Get The Look : Pitch Perfect 2

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Hello awesome nerds….! Our most daring aca-movie Pitch Perfect is now back with it’s sequel, Pitch Perfect 2, which is now showing in theaters around you. There’s one thing that i personally thought has improved significantly in Pitch Perfect 2, well probably this is the only thing that successfully upgraded within the movie, it’s…*drum roll*…their FASHION STYLE!!!, which was in it’s previous movie there were nothing strong about it. I think, previously, they were more focused on killing the beats than kiling the runway. But now the beats seems…losing the pitch? Ugh..well, i’m not gonna make a movie review here so lets just skip the analytical plot part and move forward to see which Bellas who have aca-amazed me with their new style?

Anna Kendricks a.k.a Beca Mitchell

The most surprising upgrade look came from Beca Mitchell. As leader of three times national acapella group competition winner, Beca shows more confidence in her outfit. Her average geek style has been upgraded into smart beat rockin fashion statement. This new style has stole my attention since the very first time the movie’s teaser released. Did you remember the effortless-rockin-preppy style ala Beca? Well, that is definitely a style worth to steal!

Get The Look : Anna Kendricks as Beca Mitchell. by fitapermatasari on Polyvore featuring Yumi, Oui, Charming Kicks, Valentino, NYX, GetTheLook, movie and pitchperfect2

Rebel Wilson a.k.a Fat Amy

Claimed herself to be the hottest Bella, Fat Amy is the living prove of motivating quote Size Does NOT Matter!. With her plus size look, she could kill the stage with her endless confidence. And no one can argue, that she is super amazing performer.  Surely impossible not to love her. I even found a board on pinterest that said “My Patronus is Fat Amy“. that’s a very strong statement! Patronus demolish Dementor! (If you are Harry Potter fan, you will understand)

So, If i may say, i think Fat Amy is the strongest character in Pitch Perfect franchise. Among all of her gorgeous styles, i picked one that i think wearable for every girl, every size, in any days. So go see,and go steal and always bring large stack of aca-confidence along with you!

Get The Look : Fat Amy - Pitch Perfect 2 by fitapermatasari on Polyvore featuring Under Armour, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Timberland, MARC BY MARC JACOBS, Sennheiser, GetTheLook, movie and pitchperfect2

Hailee Steinfeld a.k.a Emily Junk

The Legacy, the new member of Barden Bella, who were able to join Bella because she was the daughter of one of Barden Bellas alumni. Well, however, she was accepted because of her music talent, of course. Emily is not just the youngest, but also the prettiest Bella in Pitch Perfect 2. She actually didn’t make strong unique statement in fashion style, but there’s one summer outfit she wore when going to Bella’s retreat that perfectly match the Summer. And since this is Summer time, why not take a look and get an inspiration from this pretty young lady.

Get The Look : Hailee Steinfeld as Emily Junk by fitapermatasari on Polyvore featuring H&M, Vans, Proenza Schouler, MARC BY MARC JACOBS, Tressa, Monsoon, GetTheLook, movies and pitchperfect2

So, hope you guys like my first Get The Look post on WordPress. Spare me your thoughts about your favorite Bellas in Pitch Perfect 2 whose style you love.

See you, awesome nerds!


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