A brunch Story: 8 Oz Coffee Studio


Hi Café Hoppers,

It’s me again in my Culinary Madness session. This time, I wanna update you about one of the hippest Breakfast Café in Malang.

Yes! We’re going travel all the way to East Java and I bet you’ll be surprised how modern culinary business in Malang has grown sporadically fast just like mushrooms in a rain forest.

In New Year holiday, I have visited several hippest culinary spots there, and only choose few of them to be shared here. In this first Malang Culinary Madness edition, I will share you about my #1 fave café in Malang. It called 8OZ Coffee Studio.

Basically, 8OZ is a coffee house but also specialized in breakfast menu, so probably we can call it a Breakfast Café, then? Not just famous because of the coffee but I heard foodies been talking about it’s Salmon Bagel. Before my 1st visit, I read some so-called review on Instagram and everyone were bragging about the Salmon Bagel. But when I came, I was in the mood for Muffin so I decided to order it instead.

Enough with my personal story, now let me share you my food-exploration at 8OZ Coffee Studio.


English Muffin
(IDR 36k)

English Muffin originally is a snack bread that has become famous breakfast menu in England for centuries. Looks like burger bread, but thinner, more firm and also has soft texture plus not-so-spongy. You can mix the muffin bread with any kind of fillings, sweet or savory, based on your fave choice.

But in 8OZ, This menu served in single plate that has double english muffins-medium size-double filling flavours, along with hash browns and salad. The first muffin were beef salami muffin sandwich and the 2ndone were homemade chicken burger muffin sandwich. Each of it has sliced cheese, tomato and egg. Sound like big breakfast, right?

Both tasted so good…because it came in big portion, it can be a perfect brunch menu. Since I fell in love easily with this menu on my 1st visit, I came back there again and repeat this order on my 2nd visit. And of course would love to have more of this whenever I come to 8OZ.

Order this, delicioso guarantee!



Fish & Chips
(IDR 45K)

Another British all time favorite menu, Fish & Chips is a British most popular lunch menu. It has spread through entire world and has become one of world’s popular dish.

8OZ version of Fish & Chips was actually just like common Fish & Chips menu, it has deep fried tempura fish, French fries, salad and tar-tar white sauce. But what made it different was dumplings. Yes, in 8OZ it served along with one single fried dumpling. So I guess it was a mix between regular fish n chips and oriental dish. Not commonly serving, but dumpling can never go wrong anyway. If you are Fish & Chips lover, and I bet we all are…, I think you would love to try this one.


(Ciabatta 32k)
Ciabatta is an Italian white bread made from wheat flour, water, salt, olive oil, and yeast. It has crisp crust kind of texture, not spongy at all. Typical Italian or other European traditional bread. Also one of fave Italian bread selection for sandwiches.

In 8OZ, they sliced the Ciabatta bread then served along with hash browns, scrambled egg, salad, and sautéed smoked beef&mushrooms. My fave part here is the sautéed beef&mushroom (as always). Light and nice flavour. Perfect for those who’d prefer to have light flavoured and simple dish. This could be a healthy diet-fat free menu if the chef take out the hash browns or change it with sautéed potato or baked potato wedges or mashed potato. Can I have it on next visit? 😉

Ok enough with the food, lets move on to coffee…


Coffee On The Rock.
(water IDR 27K / soda IDR 29K / milk IDR 31K)

Since I am not a coffee expertise, I asked the waiter for recommendation. He suggested to order Coffee on The Rock. The coffee were frozen into ice cube and you will pour it with liquid milk or soda.

This is how you enjoy and melt the coffee rocks…


This is exciting, huh?



Hot Cappucino Latte
(IDR 25K)

Served in red cup. It has delicate taste, strong enough but blend well with the creamer. I am not huge fan of coffee, hardly fall for it, but still I can tell you that the coffee in 8OZ Coffee Studio has good quality and very enjoyable.
Hot Cappucino is always a perfect companion for any day.

Talking about beverages, this place also has various selection of cute dreamy drinks. That with cotton candy, colorful sprinkles and Korean coffee kind of style. They have it too! So if you are a fan of creamy dreamy drinks, I can say 8OZ is also a perfect place for you.

With good quality of coffee and heartwarming ambiance, 8OZ Coffee Studio has become one of best brunch spot in Malang. Rich taste of food, great coffee and colorful interior made this place not just as dine or coffee spot but also one of best Instagram-able spot in Malang. If most of hippest places nowadays have white-grey-black or wooden tone or industrialist as their main interior theme concept, then 8OZ Coffee Studio stands out with bright and warmth summer color tone. Great ambiance for work, hang out, to work (if you are freelancer), a place to read a book or even just to enjoy a sip of coffee.

Definitely a place to visit when you are in Malang. this town might have lots of culinary (new) spots, but gotta be honest only few that have strong outstanding quality in overall service (food, ambiance & service), and 8OZ Coffee Studio is one of café that has it. Super recommended!






Location Details
Jl Citandui No 74. Malang. Indonesia.
Phone contact: 0812 5236 0367


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